Francois Lamothe

In his role of Artist-Historian, Francois is working en plein air with easel and paintbrushes recording the cityscape as it evolves. His popular 'Americana Shopfronts" series shows how retail, restaurant and business facades enchant tourists and locals alike.


The new profile picture has a story. A commission of Harpoon Willy's dockside restaurant in Portsmouth, the buyer wanted to return to a time 10+ years ago when St. John's Episcopal church on the hill was still visible. Temporal artistic license.

Back to the biography....In 1974, solidifying a lifelong interest in drawing, Francois took an oil painting course. You might say he took time for a career, family and life in general for 27 years (hey, we all have times like that.) In 2001, he renewed his interest in painting . A lifelong camera bug, he had developed an understanding of composition,light and color .He is self taught with his art- with the help of the odd seminar.

The New Hampshire Art Association they enjoy the "whimsical personality in ..style."

His paintings have twice been featured in the " Artists of the Seacoast" Calendar done by the Families First Foundation in Portsmouth. sales of the calendar go to the general fund of this non-profit and are used to aid families with health issues and insufficient funds.

A favorite of tourists to the Portsmouth area, he may be seen painting " en plein aire" most any summer day in Portsmouth.

He lives with his wife in Wells, Maine, an ideal place to venture out and paint the beauty of the seacoast.

The Artist as Historian
Since 2001, Francois has been capturing images of the seacoast of Maine and New Hampshire. In the profile picture, he is holding a painting he was doing "on site." It is still wet. The image is of Harpoon Willy's dockside restaurant with the Moran Company Tugs in the foreground. The client wanted the painting done in a time when St. John's Episcopal church was still visible. This would have been more than 10 years ago- guess this is temporal artistic license
Street views done of Portsmouth throughout the years show the evolution of the city. Shops come and go, buildings are demolished and new buildings take their place. In many ways, Francois has become the unofficial historian of the Portsmouth cityscape.

Francois painted the highly successful "Americana Shopfronts" series en plein air, i.e., on location. Many mornings in the spring and summer of 2014, visitors and residents alike were fascinated with the image of the street artist- French easel, paintbrushes sticking out of jars, and a comfortable chair while Francois captured another view. Most of these paintings were commissioned or sold "wet." See the gallery"Artist at Work" for more images of this...

The term"Americana" refers to art which vividly depicts aspects of American life and culture.
Francois has show his art at many venues within Portsmouth, libraries in the area, the Conservation Center in Concord, NH, the Children's Museum of New Hampshire in Dover, Breaking New Grounds and The Sarah Orrne Jewett Gallery in South Berwick.

Permanent Displays of his work can be seen in the upstairs lounge of Michelle's Bistro, at Breaking New Grounds, the Dolphin Striker on Bow Street and the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.
He recently completed a series of all eight branches of the Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank. These will be on display at the main branch of the bank in Newburyport, MA.

The images"Rainy Day at Congress Square" and the "John Paul Jones House" were featured in the "Artists of the Seacoast" Calendar of the Families First organization. Each was selected as one of the 13 images in the calendar out of 100 entries.

Francois maintains a retail presence in Portsmouth at three locations:
1) The Blue Grasshopper in Commercial Alley featuring cards, posters, prints and original artwork.
2) Tulips on Market Street which has a print series based on the paintings in Michelle's Bistro lounge,
3) and Tradeport Cards and Gifts on Pease which has cards and posters.

Should you wish your shopfront or business to become "Americana-nerized" by Francois, please use the contact information on this website.

Early paintings done in pastel and some oils and acrylics are available for sale. See the gallery called "Originals for Sale."